December 20, 2012

Let It Snow!

Well, my baking weekend didn't really happen. I couldn't find a candy thermometer for the life of me! My friend Veronica saved me this week and bought me one, so last night, I was able to make Toffee and marshmallows and pumpkin bread. Tonight I'll do the caramels and truffles. So frustrating, and nothing like getting gifts ready so last minute. I'm planning on giving baked goodies to Cooper's teachers, coworkers, and our neighbors. Hope they all turn out! The marshmallows could have turned out better, but they will work. I somehow managed to over mix them, so the consistency was SOOO thick, it did not pour into the pan. It clumped and blobbed into the pan. Learning curve.

However, I also finished up a sign this week, and decided to keep this one. Cooper picked out what to put on it. I was going to do "the weary world rejoices" or "Joy to the World" or a multitude of others. However, let it snow is appropriate right now. We had beautiful white fluffy snow for a week just a week ago. Over a foot in fact. Then, the rain came for a week. Slush mush mess. Yuck. It might snow this weekend again, just in time for Christmas. Hoping so.

Anyhow, I made this sign the same way I did this one. Printed the words, cut them out, glued them on, and painted over. My photo is not great. I took it last night with my iPhone. I love making these. I just need to find some more scrap wood. This was a piece being thrown away during bulk trash day in our neighborhood.  

Only a few more days left and I still have boxes to ship and nothing wrapped!! AHHH!

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