December 14, 2012

A Christmas Pillow

I've been wanting to make Christmas Pillows all week, but I haven't managed to do anything the last few nights except clean up and get ready for the next day... However, last night, I forced myself to relax and make something. After seeing this deer pillow from In His Grip, who was inspired by Sew Homegrown and her anthropologie inspired blooming deer pillow, I wanted my own! I used an old sweater of mine with stains for the deer, and instead of sewing (I don't have that applique adhesive stuff I needed), I just hot glued the deer onto the pillow. Figure it should last for how short the Christmas season is. I personally love it. So easy! Cooper came in this morning and noticed it right away. At first he never likes anything new/change. He always wants me to put back the old. I then explain why I changed it, and he normally is fine with the change. Hope when I come home he didn't hide it! He has in the past...

I want to make two more small pillows for the couch like these from Restoration Hardware below:

 I think I will freezer paper stencil an ice skater on and paint her, and then add a little dress with material. So cute. While on the Restoration Hardware site, I found 3 more projects I can't wait to try to make. We'll see how that goes. Lately I can only squeeze in an hour at night before I am too exhausted and must get to bed. I think I am coming down with a cold. Cooper has a bad one. Maybe I can fight it off. We'll see.

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