December 10, 2012

Grandparent Chistmas Gift Tote Bag

Winter temps have been around for the last month, but now we have snow, and lots of it! Today we had a 2 hour delay thankfully. We had 6 inches to shovel off the cars and driveway, and more coming down. It took me an hour to drop the kids off and normally it takes only 30 minutes. So, yesterday, we just played around the house in the snow and inside. Saturday, we went climbing at a gym in Erlangen that is SOOO nice. They have a kids room (with tunnels, nets, swings, and climbing walls) where they have a guy that plays with your kids for you while you climb! Included in the day price! So nice. Cooper loves it there and Lily even too. I feel so much better getting back into climbing, even if it is only once a week.

I also tried to make a chocolate cheesecake cake I found at shugarysweets that looked amazing. And, I did about the stupidest thing EVER!!! So mad at myself. I made the chocolate cake part just fine, and then even made the cheesecake part just fine... until I got to the part about pouring water in the pan. I poured water into my cheesecake pan. It was supposed to go in the roasting pan in the oven UNDER the cheesecake to steam/keep it moist in the oven. ARGH!! I feel like Amelia Bedelia. So, now I have to go back to the store to get more cream cheese and peppermints to crush. Sigh. I better get it right this next time! Anyone else ever make mistakes like this? Please share them and make me feel better.

Anyhow, time to ship a bunch of gifts in the  mail to the states today. They say today is the deadline. Sure hope everything makes it. I'm posting a gift idea you can make easily for the grandparents! Tote bags with the kid's silhouettes. These take no time at all, I promise. Sorry to spoil part of your present mom!

First, take a picture of your kid's profile. It doesn't matter if its fuzzy etc... I used my cell phone.

Then, print it out on normal 8x10 paper. Trace around the profile with a sharpie marker. Place a piece of freezer paper over the picture and trace the profile onto the freezer paper. I had to hold my picture up to a light. Cut out the profile on the freezer paper. Iron the freezer paper onto the tote bag (shiny side down). I ordered my tote bags on Amazon. I ironed both the actual profile on one tote bag, and the empty space profile (the negative) on another tote, so I could make 2 tote bags. Then use acrylic paint and paint the image. Wait to dry then peel off the freezer paper and your are done!  

Here is the tote with the negative ironed on. I put my son on one side and my daughter on the other side. Cooper's chin and lips don't look quite right, but Lily looks pretty darn close to her real profile. He was making a funny face. It is getting harder and harder to get perfect pictures of him when he is aware I am taking pictures!

For the tote with the actual profile ironed on, I painted a square shape around the profile. You could do anything around it though. A heart would have been cute.

Enjoy! Hope you all had a great weekend as well.
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