November 21, 2012

Fall Leaves above the Mantel

A few weekends ago, when I hosted the Fall Woodland themed baby shower, I put these fall leaves up on our mantel in the dining room. I still have them up for Thanksgiving and really have enjoyed them. I think you could pull this off in a lot of ways. I used brown scrapbook paper for the background. If I had wood scraps, I would have used those instead. I also used paper cut outs for the leaves, but real leaves decoupaged on would be really nice.

Only one more day till Thanksgiving! We're going to my friend Veronica's house to celebrate. Tonight I'm making broccoli cheese casserole, corn pudding casserole, and a chocolate pecan pie. Yum. She's taking care of the rest. Hoping to go climbing in the morning to burn some calories, then head over in the afternoon to her place. We'll see. Frank hurt his finger last night pretty bad. He went climbing, came home and showered, and somehow managed to dislocate his finger in the shower when he started slipping and caught himself with one finger. Sure hoping it heals quickly.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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