November 13, 2012

10 Recycled Sweater Gift Ideas

What a wonderful weekend we just had. I love three day weekends. When I worked in Kentucky, I had that every week and it was so awesome.  We were able to go climbing at the gym in Nuremburg with the kids which went great, go to a birthday party with lots of friends/kids for Cooper to play with, visit the Daut family, and play a ton at home/get household chores done.  I feel sore all over from the gym, and that is a good thing. I need it.

At night, I was also able to make a few ornament gifts. Christmas is on my mind. I already want to decorate, but I know I should wait until Thanksgiving is over. We were living in a hotel last year, so I didn't get to decorate then, and I am anxious to see all my stuff that has been in boxes for 2 years!

Last week, when I went to Stuttgart for training, I was noticing how reused sweaters are the big thing. And I LOVE the stuff I am seeing. Sweater Ornaments, Sweater Wreaths, Sweater Chair Coverings, Sweater Rugs... The list goes on and on. Here are 10 awesome gifts/decorative items to make from an old sweater that I found on other amazing blogs. Each has a tutorial. I must get to the thrift store!

1. Wine Bottle Cover by Pocket Change Gourmet 
2.  Sweater Wreath by Camilla Fabbri

3. Recyled Sweater Pillow by Centsational Girl
4. Pottery Barn Inspired Stocking Burlap Pillow by Confessions of a Plate Addict
 5. Super Simple Pom Pom Hat by Kojo Designs

6. Woolen Mittens by Martha Stewart

7.  Leg Warmers by Lex

 8. Sweater Vases by Thrify Decorating 

9. Lampshade Cozy by Carla Ackermann

10.  Sweater Bags by Whipup


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  1. I really like your sweater ideas! I know I'll try the mittens, pillow and maybe the vase cover. I often use sweaters to make cat toys for my husband's companion cat.


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