November 8, 2012

Woodland Theme Baby Shower - Activities

A few weekends ago, we planned a family friendly Coed Woodland Themed Baby shower for a baby girl for my friends Mike and Kumi. That's a mouthful. I split this post into 2 Parts because there was so much to cover! For Part 1, I blogged about the food. Now for the Decorations and Activities.  Since it was fall, the woodland theme worked out perfectly. Now Mike and Kumi have their beautiful baby daughter Arisa at home. Congratulations Mike and Kumi! Most of the beautiful photos were done by Kevin Stover Photography. Thank you guys!

Mike and Kumi

The Guests
Aside from all the food preparations which added greatly to our Decor, we used a lot of owls, tree branches, acorns, leaves, pumpkins, and pink and yellow mums around the living room and dining room and entry way.

I bought woodland themed baby shower napkins, dessert plates, and food plates from Creative Converting on Amazon and a cute 3-Pack Hanging Decoration, but also made an Owl Garland to hang over the window that I made. 

For the backdrop for the food, I traced leaves onto scrapbook paper and cut them out and placed on brown scrap book paper for a woodsy feel to the room. I still have these up. My inspiration for the leaf backdrop was this photo below.

For the Guest book, I made a Canvas Thumb Print Tree Guestbook.  I put a Words of Wisdom tree next to the guestbook where people could hang leaves with their words of wisdom for the couple.

Since we had such a large group of people, including men and kids, I didn't want to struggle with getting people to play games etc. Instead, I set up a room for Crafts! Kids decorated bird houses I bought at the euro store (that they could bring home with them), and adults could decorate onesies. I printed off a ton of stencils with a woodland theme (squirrels, butterflies, owls, dragonflies) and set up paint stations and a freezer paper section. This was a huge hit. The guests enjoyed painting and chatting together in the Craft room. Once the kids finished their birdhouses, they played outside in the sand box and on the Power of Tower which was a huge hit. 

Kevin and Cristina graciously set up a Photo Booth for the guests to use. I made masks (owl and fox) and set out a hat or two, and people could go take funny photos of themselves at their leisure. This too was so much fun! Check out the awesome video they made from the photo booth photos.

Aside from crafting and the Photobooth, we watched the couple open gifts together and sat around talking.

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