October 24, 2012

Trick or Treat Sign

Halloween is just around the corner! Germans aren't real into the whole holiday, but since we are living by an Army base, we still can Trick or Treat and have lots of activities to do this weekend and next week. 

Cooper and I have been making crafts for Halloween all month long. All pretty small, but fun none the less. Cookies, decorating pumpkins, bat and ghost hangings, etc. The Trick Or Treat sign above was one of our little crafts we did together. I let Cooper paint the scrap piece of wood white. Then I printed the words and spider on my printer and we cut them out and decoupaged them using Mod Podge to the wood. Voila!

I had a pretty fireplace mantel, ready for pictures, when I noticed a weird smell this weekend. My pumpkins had all rotted while we were on vacation! Ugh. Nasty pumpkin mold juice all over the fireplace. And no more pretty halloween decor and no picture. Sigh. 
Our favorite craft has probably been our chalkboard painted pumpkin because we can change up the face daily. We used normal chalk, but I think the chalk pens would work much better. Our chalk has taken off the paint in many spots. Thus the reason for using the Real Simple picture above vs my own.

I have my costumes all ready for the kids, but wish I had made them this year instead of buying them. There are so many amazing ideas out there right now on all the blogs! I couldn't resist the Old Navy costumes though. So cheap and warm! Here is my Lily in her flower costume.

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