October 3, 2012

Busy Times....

This has been a crazy month for me. My mom left in mid-September, so then daycare was difficult once again as well as getting the household chores done, and I have had to pull some late nights and weekends working. Not fun. To top it off, we hosted a baby shower this past weekend for 35+ people and had to decorate, cook, and clean the house for that (before and after). And my in-laws arrived Monday and Cooper had a big festival at his school to attend and the list continues...

The Baby Shower was a huge success and so fun and Mike and Kumi were so appreciative. I can't wait to post all the details for the shower on here. I am waiting for the photos taken by our friends Kevin and Cristina who are photographers and took a lot of pictures during the whole event. Can't wait to see them! I will probably do several posts to cover the whole thing.

Here is a preview of one of the things I made for the shower. It is a Guest Book Canvas for guests to stamp their thumb prints on. They sell them all over Etsy and other websites, but I figured I could make one for just a few dollars, and it worked out great! I'll be posting the Tutorial soon and the rest of the shower details.

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