September 21, 2012

Friday Freebies!

I am always saying "I love you to the Moon and Back" when I put Cooper to bed. He normally says, I love you the moon and sun and back. Well, the other night, he said "I love you to the moon, sun and even to the Frankische Wunderland and back." Ha! So funny. The Frankische Wunderland is one of his favorite places to go. It is a small theme park about 30 minutes away. We always tell him to take a nap on the way because it's a long way, so he almost always does. Love that boy! I might have to make a special poster for his room that says that. Precious.

I still have about 5 open projects in the house I am working on. Several are for Cooper's room! Here are some prints I made for his room. If you want one, let me know what quote and color you'd like, and I'll see what I can come up with.

Yes, I made a typo above. I'll have to fix that.

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