September 17, 2012

French Pillows- CitraSolv Tutorial

We've been busy lately, but always at night when I can't take good pictures of the things we've made! I apologize. iPhone pics at night aren't the best. Here is a Tutorial on transferring images with with CitraSolv! I love this stuff. I have made so many pillows and 2 T-shirts now with the liquid.
Here are the Steps:

1. Buy Citrasolv. This is what it looks like.

You can buy it at health food stores, but my mom brought me some when she came to visit from the states that she ordered online through amazon. She couldn't find it at Trader Joes. Perhaps Whole Foods or Fresh Market might have it though.

2. Pick out an image to transfer to fabric.

I printed a bunch of great graphics from the Graphics Fairy. She has great tutorials on how to transfer images 12 different ways, and so many amazing ideas and images. I almost don't want to share since I am going to be making a lot of Christmas presents using these techniques and her blog! The pillows I made are all images from her website. We made the pillow from old linen napkins I had in my china cabinet. I love the French look, so I picked out all French images. I had to print the images reversed when they had words. I used a tonor printer to print the images and they worked out fine. I also copied some images on a photo copier, and they came out even better. The ink was darker and transferred more evenly.
3. Transfer the Image using Citra Solv. You simply put the image on your fabric ink side down, and then tape it down so it won't move. Brush the citrasolv on so the paper is damp all over the image you are transferring and then rub hard with the back of a spoon to transfer the image from the paper to the fabric. My mom used a credit card to rub.

4. Remove the Paper. Voila! Your image will be transferred from the paper to the fabric!

5. Iron the Fabric.  Iron the image or throw it in the dryer to help make the ink stay permanetly.

Warning: The citrasolv does smell quite strong, so doing this by an open window is preferable. It smells good, but, you'll see. Made the whole house smell  lemony/orange for quite a while!

I'll post some pictures of T-shirts and other stuff I have made soon. It does work on colors! I tried and it worked out great! The Citra Solv does a great job of getting the vintage look since the whole image doesn't transfer perfectly.

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  1. What a cool technique!! Pinning to try later :) Thanks for linking up at Artsy Corner! Hope to see you again this week! :)


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