August 14, 2012

More clothing projects!

Last night, I failed miserably trying to do a stencil with bleach. I wanted it to look something like this , but did not have a Clorox Bleach Pen. So, I ended up making a huge blob on my husband's T-shirt instead of a Figure 8 knot I was trying to make. I dabbed the Clorox on with a foam brush thingy and it just seeped right under my freezer paper. ARGH! I'll take a picture and add later. I have failed on two crafts now... But, I think I will retry and use his shirt as my practice grounds! I am wondering if I can fix it by doing something else now with the T-shirt. I like the quotes on the shirts done with Clorox, and with glue.

A few weeks ago, I made this owl appliqued onsie. Phone picture and I don't know why it is sideways!! Must fix later. I used the Lil Blue Boo Tutorial found here at Lil Blue Boo's Blog. She is amazing. I love her blog and her tutorials. Hoping I can one day create things as awesome as she does!

I had never done Applique before. In fact, I have never sewed before. I did this by hand, so its not that pretty. I really want a sewing machine for Christmas and to learn how to sew. It would be so awesome! There are so many things I would love to try to make (slipcovers, pillow covers, duvets, and clothing).

Hoping my paints come here soon so I can do some painting! Until then, I will mess around with T-shirts till I perfect one of these techniques...

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