August 23, 2012

More Baby Shower Inspiration

I can't get over the details and creativity in the baby showers I have found online! I could just keep posting ideas forever. I am thinking I might need to join up to Pinterest so I can start pinning all the ideas. I haven't tried it yet, but seems easy and really useful.
This Baby Barbecue Shower for couples sounds AMAZING! I am starving just reading about the food right now. Check out the blog Le Partie Sugar! I love the idea of mini burgers too. Thinking it might be too cold in late Sept in Germany to have an outdoor barbecue though :(

I want to make these S'more Kits for Christmas Gifts! Too Cute.

For fruit salad, I will have to make the baby carriage watermelon thingy I have been seeing.

Now to still find out from Kumi what theme she would like and if she wants it to be for lunch or in the evening, couples or just girls.

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  1. Mandy!! OMG I've also been thinking and wanting to have this fruits salad for my baby shower!!! It's soo cute!
    yeah... outside BBQ in late this month may be tough because of the weather like you said...
    I'll check the website that you sent me and let you know soon! Mandy thank you so much!


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