January 22, 2016

Friday I'm in Love

Look who lost his first tooth! Shortly before his 7th birthday. That tooth started wiggling back in October, no joke! He lost it eating a sandwich in Austria this past weekend, and didn't want to eat anymore for fear of losing another tooth. Even cuter, he didn't want to put the tooth under a pillow for the tooth fairy. He wants to keep it forever instead. I'll have to do a post on our trip later this weekend when I have a chance to upload all the photos from Frank's phone. It was too cold and snowy to attempt using my Canon. We had a great time though skiing, sledding, climbing, and swimming.

This weekend we'll probably spend a lot of time cleaning up the house and putting away heaping piles of laundry. Plus some climbing and snuggling on the couch with a movie is in order. How about you all?

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