March 10, 2015

Laughter, Fresh Air, and Good Food

Sunday was my birthday. 35. AGH! I don't know why, but I was not so happy to turn 35 at first. Just seems so "old" and adult like.  Then I realized I'm living some of the best years right now! These are the days! And I quickly got over the grumpiness of aging. Everyone at work asked me "how young are you today".  My answer?  I'm 35 years young.

My sister Tiff sent me an e-mail wishing me a day full of laughter, fresh air, and good food. I hadn't thought about it before, but honestly, what more could you want? And you know what? That is exactly what I had Sunday.

My family, they are the best. I got to sleep in and then come down to Frank making crepes and a table full of wrapped presents and flowers. I love crepes, especially the type made just for me. And then for lunch? We headed outside to a wilderness park for fresh air on our first springlike blue skied day of the year. Followed by some climbing and then another stroll around a pond in the evening sunshine while my kids ran around collecting crocus flowers. Lily randomly blurted out "Happy Birthdays" all day to me, Cooper showered me in extra hugs, and we all had a good laugh at this fat sheep and from tickles from goat tongues. Hoping now for a year full of laughter, fresh air, and good food.

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  1. What lovely birthday wishes for you - so many favorite and good things. :-) A very Happy Birthday to you! I celebrated my 40th in November, so I do know the feeling of reaching an "old" age group. Sometimes it still startles me, but I do love it. :-) I love getting more and more comfy in my own skin and leaving the angst of youth behind me. :-)


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