February 24, 2015

Summer in the Winter

"Always maintain a kind of summer even in the middle of winter" (Thoreau).

This girl does it with ease. She jumps with joy, literally, all the time.  When she is happy, the whole world knows and is happy right along with her. Every day is a summer day with this little one.

 A dress with stockings in the morning makes her laugh out loud and happy for the rest of the day.  The pink plate, pink bowl or pink cup makes any meal just perfect. Seeing us enter the room makes her run and jump and squeeze our legs. A bath with bubbles induces squeals.  I have a lot to learn from my kids, and each day I have to remind myself to be a little more like them. Find my summer, even in the winter.

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  1. What a wonderful little girl, so full of life and love and joy. :-)


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