December 18, 2014

Nothing like a Christmas Concert...

Last night, the US Army Europe Band and Chorus came to Grafenwoehr and performed a free concert for Germans and Americans in downtown Grafenwoehr. I have to say, it was amazing and I am so thankful we attended! Unfortunately, the concert started at 1900, right when my kids go to bed, but I felt it would be worth it to keep them up late and expose them to real concert music and singers and was hoping they would enjoy it. They were not disappointed! Both kids were so quiet and engaged when the musicians and singers performed, it was awesome! Even Santa Clause and the Grinch made an appearance, which really was a huge hit with the kids. The bass saxophonist was amazing! All the songs were done so perfectly and the chorus soloists did a fantastic job. Such good voices. Really put smiles on everyone and made my day.

Having played clarinet, baritone, and trombone in high school bands, plus having sung in choirs my entire life, I felt right at "home" and sorely missed performing. Have any of you attended Christmas concerts this season? If not, I highly recommend it! Such a nice way to celebrate the season.  I can't stop singing and humming today. : )

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