August 18, 2014

She smelled of Sun and Daises

Oh my sweet Lillian. My baby girl is already two and a half, and what a spirited bundle of joy she is. This little girl loves to talk. And talk. And talk. This weekend, we tried to play the quiet game in the car and after my "one, two, three, quiet!", Lily said "one, two, TALK!". Ha! Yeah, she doesn't like the quiet game very much. Lately, when singing, Lily starts with "Do you want to build a snowman? Cooper, mommy, and daddy?" and then she keeps adding any words she knows to the tune. She loves pink and insists on wearing pink or tutus daily. I don't know where she gets the girlishness cause heaven knows it isn't from me.

Oh and how I love this quote!She smelled exactly of sun and daises with a hint of river water that day after playing on the Danube shore and running through tall orchard grass. Wish I could bottle her smell up and take it with me to work for instant joy. My sweet little Lily. 

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