July 11, 2014

Friday I'm in Love

First off, Happy Birthday to my sister Missy in Kentucky!
Dad walking Missy on her wedding day
Wish I could treat you to getting our hair done together, dinner, and a movie like the old days. Hugs and kisses from Germany to you!

Second, the weekend is here at last! The work week is always so much longer and busier after coming back from any length vacation. I still haven't uploaded photos from Mallorca but plan to this weekend. I did sort through no less than five loads of laundry this week already. Unreal and my least favorite household chore. Not the washing part. The putting away part.

Lastly, links to check out :)

  • I LOVE these duvet covers! Aren't they so much fun! Check out Snurk to see even more. 

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