April 14, 2014

Hey friends! I'm back! And boy did I miss these guys a bunch.
 Last week I was in Kaiserslautern for an intense training class that literally covered 400+ slides! Power Point and finical management overload. Though, I did enjoy the trainer and eating out every night was a nice change. I had a few salads I am dying to replicate at home (one with figs, honey, and goat cheese that was out of this world). I'll have to share once I figure out the best dressing.

Saturday, we went to my favorite climbing crag in the whole Frankenjura, called Kuhloh. It is only 25 minutes away in a forest with huge beech trees and awesome, classic, Frankenjura routes. I was mostly happy to just play with my little ones since I hadn't seen them for a whole week! They are so darn cute! Man I love them. Scroll past the pictures from this weekend to see some of my favorite Cooperisms from the last month.

Cooper got a haircut that morning. I always feel a little guilty cutting those curls!
The bubble gun I brought back from K-town was a big hit.

Is she not precious! She learned about 30 new words while I was gone too I think!

So tired and so happy to be with daddy.
"Hey mom, look, scissors! And more scissors over here" - as he pointed to R rated Graffiti in town on a fountain. Hint - part of the male body.

As I read a book about pirates - "Not all pirates are bad though mom, right? I mean, Captain Matt isn't bad is he?" (Captain Matt is a friend of ours over here who is a Solider).

"How did you marry? Did you just find your brother or someone like that to marry? Or did you have to meet the person from somewhere like college?"

 Aren't little ones the best! They put so much laughter into our lives.

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