March 11, 2014

Organization Secrets

I don't know about you, but as soon as warmer weather arrives, the spring cleaning itch settles in and I don't feel peace until it's done! A bit of compulsion here, but also plain and simple things that need to be done! My utility room is itty bitty and serves as a  purse/coat room, craft storage room, and laundry room. We started to do less crafts because I had EVERYTHING in one plastic tub. It was such a pain to dig through to find paints, scissors, tape, etc. So I bit the bullet and decided to at least attempt to organize some of these things.

Two huge space and organizer saver ideas:

1) Hanging Shoe Rack (Perfect for storing craft supplies)
2) Foldable Baskets  (which I also have in my coat closet holding gloves and hats)

Next would be to paint the room a fun color making laundry all that more inviting :) But for now, these two simple changes have made craft time more enjoyable and finding laundry verses kitchen towels and crafts a much more enjoyable thing.

Next to come is the pantry!

Happy Spring Cleaning and Organizing!

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