March 5, 2014

Festive Ribbon Wreaths

These are the easiest little wreaths to create.  Even my daughter Ashley got in on the wreath buzz this winter making herself a fox themed wreath.  I am always trying to find ideas for small, relative inexpensive homemade gifts.  These wreaths fit the bill perfectly costing about $12 to $20, depending on craft store sales, and taking about 1 1/2 hours to create.

My aunt is opening a sandwich shop this month in Lexington, KY specializing in my father-in-laws Kentucky famous beer cheese, Larry Mac's Beer Cheese Spreads. So in honor of her shop opening, I made her a wreath with the Larry Mac's signature colors.

Every Christmas I try to make something with polka dots for my sister-in-law.  She is a huge fan of the dots!!!  So this past year I made my first ribbon wreath for Sissy!

Materials Needed:
  • Wire wreath form - For the above wreaths, I used a 7.5 inch wreath form from Hobby Lobby that has 4 graduated wire rings (see the pictures below).
  • 6-8 rolls of ribbon in 5/8inch to 7/8inch wide by 15feet long (I had a bit leftover when I used 8 rolls, but I wanted the color variety). 
I choose ribbon with coordinating colors, usually one bold pattern or theme and then colors to match.  I cut one roll of each ribbon and have it laid out to start the project.  I usually cut the lengths about 6inches on the diagonal to get a nice texture.  **Always use sharp scissors or the ribbon will tear.  Beginning with the inner most ring, tie each ribbon on but do not knot them.  Once you fill in a ring you can turn and fluff the ribbons to face outward.  After completing the entire wreath go back and make sure your ties are tight.  Knot a long length of ribbon to hang the wreath if you want.    

Many thanks to the Goin' Over the Edge Crafting website where I got my ideas.  This lady has some wonderful ideas to use the Stampin' Up! brand papers, ribbons & materials.  

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