February 7, 2014

Friday I'm in Love

Hey friends! Another week has flown by, and my little boy Cooper is now five years old. Unreal. We celebrated at home with a very homemade cake that took forever to make, but was so worth it. So tasty! Coconut White Cake with whipped cream icing and cherries on top. When shopping for my baking supplies, I grabbed a few cake mixes off the shelves three times, and kept putting them back when I read the ingredients. Gross. Full of ingredients I don't even recognize. Corn Syrup and a dozen preservatives. The lady standing next to me thought I was crazy. She asked me if I bake a lot, and was asking if I'd make her kids birthday cake when I told her I resolved now to bake from scratch when I read the ingredients on the boxes. Pretty funny. I didn't know if she was serious or not, so I just kept on shopping. Thinking back, I think she was serious! Now I have to do it all over again tonight because we have a party with little kids tomorrow. A Knights and Dragon party. I'll take lots of photos and post all about it this weekend. I think I am more excited almost than Cooper. Frank and I spent an hour last night making tunics and shields for the kids that turned out so cute.

My mom sent roller skates! Throw back to my childhood. Do you all remember skating? It is so hard to teach someone how to do it, and so hard! I had forgotten. Wishing I had a pair. 

As always, here are some fun finds this week:
  • For those of you, like me, who sit all day at work, this will inspire you to stand or get a new stand up desk. 
  • Yummy, healthy Valentines Day Treats. I made the strawberry cream cheese sandwich for Cooper yesterday and it was a hit.
  • Love this art class idea for my kids.
  • This Reading Test is fun. I apparently read at 450, College Student Level. At this speed, it would take 32 hours I think it said to read the entire Bible from front to back. Pretty nifty fun gadget.

  • See you back on Monday with some highlights from our Knights and Dragon party! 

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