February 27, 2014

Beans and Pasta Art

Every week, I try to do at least one craft/art project with my kids. It keeps them occupied and happy for an hour, and I enjoy making things with them as well. This project is super easy, and you probably have all the supplies you need in your cupboard right now. We used beans and pasta I had on hand.

 I put a variety of bean and pasta choices in bowls for the kids. Grabbed a piece of cardstock for each, and drew letters for them to fill in however they pleased since we're working on the alphabet with Cooper. He chose to do O. For my two year old, I put the glue in the letter for her, but my five year old was able to do this whole project on his own.

I love the way Lily was working so hard and quietly on this project. She was super at filling in the whole letter all by herself. She loved this craft!

I think next time we'll try a mosaic like this one from Martha Stewart! Aren't those pretty? Canvas vs paper, and more colors. You could make any design you wanted. Can't wait to try this one out myself.

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