August 1, 2013

Gardening Woes

I've become slightly attached to my garden this year and literally have just about cried twice this week over plants. I might need some intervention....

I seriously started the garden back in March! Cooper and I planted seeds indoors, and we finally brought the plants out to the greenhouse mid May. We've repotted, mulched, weeded, watered, and delicately taken care of all our wonderful growing veggies in excitement for the fruits of our labor. And you know what? We haven't had too many fruits for our labor yet... In fact, all we've had are green beans, some lettuce, and one cucumber. We have spicy peppers, but I bought those plants already started from a store.

So, when I started seeing broccoli heads last week, I was psyched! What I didn't pay any attention to was a little white moth/butterfly hanging out in the greenhouse a few weeks ago. I thought butterflies were good for gardens and left it. When I found weird wasp looking bugs, I sprayed them with water and forced them out. Dumb me. I really should read more on gardening and improve my skills... That darn white butterfly has resulted in this disaster!

Cabbage worms. Evil, green broccoli eating monsters. Wasps are natural predators and I wiped those out! I should have removed all the dead stuff and worms last night, but I was too mad and disgusted. Tonight, I shall have my revenge...

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