July 22, 2013

Furlough Days

I could get used to this for sure. No work on Fridays is AWESOME! Finally some time with my kids to play and do fun things that they want to do. This past Friday, Cooper decided to cash in his 40 Tokens to go to the Frankische Wunderland (a month ago we started a token system for rewarding positive behaviors). Great decision. We went nice and early to try to beat the heat and crowds and were able to ride every ride in the park without waiting at all (there were only a few others even there).  He was so excited and happy all day. Since I went alone with the kids, Lily had to ride on all the rides with Cooper and me, including the roller coaster. I was surprised she was allowed to and worried if she would cry, but she did great and I think she enjoyed most of the rides.We left at her nap time, played at home in the garden and ate dinner out. Such a nice treat to have these extra days!

Fire breathing Dragon! He'd run so fast after turning the key it was hilarious!

Her favorite part was feeding the bunnies and goats
Climbing Kilimanjaro - he was the only kid amongst plenty of older ones who could get to the top! Yup, I'm proud.

I also made three pairs of shorts for the kids this weekend. Here is a picture of Cooper wearing his. I felt bad I'd only been making dresses for Lily! He loves them and wore them two days straight. I'll have to get Lily posing with Cooper with their matching pairs. I purchased a pattern from MADE and did the basic shorts first, now the flat front, and added pockets to the third pair. So easy and fun to make with her great tutorials! Can't wait to try to make myself some now!

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