July 26, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

Friday furlough day again! Loving this time off for real. Since the real summer heat is coming, and we don't have air conditioning over here in Germany, I'm planning on taking the kids to the lakes near our house or the swimming pool. Haven't decided which yet. I hate it when the pool is super crowded, but on the other hand, these are not sand bottom lakes with clear water (I'm spoiled from Michigan) and have icky mucky bottoms that freak me out.

Yesterday after work I took the kids to the main park in town. We go there a lot. The kids love to feed the ducks and swans. This time there was a mean black swan who wouldn't let the baby ducklings or any duck near the bread. Cooper called him selfish, and I agreed. I can't get over the words he knows and says now. Not that selfish is a big deal word, but it still takes me for surprise hearing him analyze the world around him so well.  However, lately instead of having discussions or him doing as I say when I ask, he'll argue. It starts at age 4? Oh my. We have a wild future ahead of us.

 Lily is starting to understand more and more of what we say and ask her to do. Her new favorite thing to do right now is wave. She must have waved 50 times at the park, to every passerby. She really gets into it. After this picture she ran to the swings. I thought she wanted to swing, and since they are big kid swings, I sat her on my lap. Wriggle wriggle, squeal squeal. Not what she wanted. She doesn't want my help. She wanted to swing alone on the big kid swing at 17months. Okay Lily, knock yourself out.

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Enjoy your weekend!

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