April 9, 2013

Transformation Tuesday - Doors

Not that doors are that easy to come by, however, you never know... I just LOVE these seven door upcycles.

1. Create a Headboard or bed frame from doors.
Source: JerseyIcecreamco on Etsy
2. Create a Coffee Table, or have someone else do it for you like this source.
Source: Dorset Custom Furniture
3. A desk that transforms!
Source: Manoteca as seen on Swipelife
4. A Tutorial for making your own Corner Shelf from a door from Craftaholics Anonymous
Source: Craftaholics Anonymous
5. A Chalkboard Organizer
Source: Postcards from the Ridge, but I think it is originally from Apartment Therapy
6. Door Swing
Source: Huckleberry Lane
7. Patio Furniture or couches from Doors

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