April 1, 2013


Yesterday we celebrated Easter in Garmisch. We didn't get up in time for the sunrise service because we had our time change in the night. Would have been brutal getting up at 5.  After getting Cooper to sleep,  I remembered to hide his basket. I made a trail of jelly beans (Easter Bunny poop) to his goodies. He was so excited it was so cute. He then proceeded to play Easter Bunny and kept making Easter bunny poop trails with mini M&Ms and Lily was so excited! She kept gobbling up the little minis and saying "mmm" "mmm" in a real high voice with inflection. He then let us pick out the candy from his Easter bunny home, generously sharing with us. He kept one jelly bean out to give to the Easter bunny he was so excited to meet. When he finally did, he was trying to ask the bunny something, but never got a reply. I couldn't tell what he was saying. He came back to me and said, "Mom, can the Easter Bunny not talk?".  I replied "I think you have to be able to speak bunny to understand him." I think he was hoping for more candy.

 We spent a lot of time swimming this weekend. 7 hours or so. Both kids did not want to get out. We also got in a little hike, climbing at the gym, a massage, an egg hunt, and some good meals. A perfect short weekend get away.

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