February 4, 2013

Sick Babies and Birthdays

Our family has been sick for the last 3 weeks! It starts with one and goes to each of us and then morphs into something else and starts all over again. I am so done with it! GO AWAY GERMS!

 My poor Lily has been getting worse all week, and I feel so guilty that I didn't take her to the doctor sooner than I did. I thought it was a virus and that I just needed to wait it out. Nope. Double ear infection and bronchitis. She is one sick little girl. Her spirits are up and she has much more energy, but still not eating well and still coughing a TON and still pulling her ear. We started the antibiotics on Friday. Now I'm worrying she spits too much out for it to work its wonders. Luckily, my mom is here now for a month and is taking care of her for me. Here they both are at the Apotheke (German Pharmacy).

Meanwhile my throat is killing me and I feel like I am 90 years old with my bones aching. Must keep going... I hadn't climbed in three weeks, so I made sure I went to the climbing gym yesterday with Frank and Cooper. I climbed sloppy and as a result, this happened.

Saturday, Cooper had a birthday party to attend. He was so excited to go and was ecstatic at the party about the candy/cake/games and wild kids running around. Here is the birthday girl Eloise and Cooper playing in her little market. I want to make one of these for Lily and Cooper. He loved it! Didn't want to come down for the party crafts because he was playing alone at this stand. Cooper's birthday is Wednesday! We're planning an Angry Birds party for Saturday.

That pretty much sums up the weekend. How about you all? Are your families getting these viruses back in the states? Oh how I cannot wait for spring...

PS - I made crepes the other day that were fantastic. Can't wait to make them again.


  1. Mandy, I feel like Colleen was sick all of January. We went to the doctor 4 times, most of them virsus with really high fevers. Get well soon!!!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Sorry you are going through this too. It is so hard when you don't know what to do for them. Lily is much better now, but I take her back in tomorrow to make sure her ear infection is all cleared up.


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