February 19, 2013

A few things...

We've just returned from a wonderful long weekend trip to Vienna, Austria, where we stayed in a beautiful apartment in the old historic district for four nights.  I'm so excited to post some photos and info about the city once I've had some time to upload the pictures from our cameras.

One of the rooms in the beautiful apartment Concerto

Until then, here are some interesting finds on the Internet to check out:

If you haven't checked out Mr. Money Mustache you really must. This is a good one to get you started, and once you do, you won't be able to stop.

Any of you all love Antropologie, but not the price tags? Check out Ruche. I'll be shopping hear for birthdays I have the feeling.

I read this interesting blog post and article on praising children. I think it will, at least in the short term, affect the way I praise my kids, by trying to make sure I am praising the process, what they are doing, vs praising them directly. You'll have to read the post for this to make sense.

Check out the video Random Acts of Kindness posted by Lil Blue Boo. Definitely in my top ten favorite blogs. So sweet. I want to do this with Cooper!

Also, today is my precious Lily's first birthday! Happy Birthday beautiful girl. I'll be writing a full post on my baby girl this week.


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