October 19, 2012

Woodland Theme Baby Shower Part 1 - The Food

 Update - I updated this post here with better photos...

A few weekends ago, I hosted a family friendly baby shower with a woodland theme for our friends Mike and Kumi. My friends Veronica and Cristina cohosted and helped a ton with the decor, food, preparations, and photography. Kids were invited too, so we tried to make sure we had foods that men, kids, and the ladies would all enjoy. Since it is fall, we tried to make everything fit into the fall woodland theme, and tried to make sure we added enough pinks and yellows because they were having a baby girl. I split this post into two parts, one covering the food, two covering decorations and activities.
Part 1 - The Food


Owl cheese ball with crackers, apples, and carrots. Cristina was trying to make it look like an acorn, and it looked more like an owl.  I like the owl even better!

Tomato mozerella toadstools. Instead of using mozerella cheese sticks for the base, I used fresh mozerella and tomatoes from my garden. The green moss is pesto. Yum!

We also had sausage cheese balls and veggies with dip set out on tables, but I didn't get a picture of those.

Main Course

We had homemade Baked Macaroni and Cheese, Owl Fruit Salad, Chili,  Mini Sesame Turkey Burgers, Mini Feta and Garlic Beef Burgers, and grilled Portobella Mushrooms on Mini homemade yeast buns. I didn't take any picture up close before the food was attacked, but here is the table after most of us grabbed our plates. We set out lettuce, tomatoes, avacados, and pickles for the burgers.


The Dessert Table
Homemade Apple Pie made by Veronica

Carrot Cake Birds Nest Cupcakes with M&M Eggs

Mushroom Cupcakes (Vanilaa Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting)

Homemade Marshmallow Kebabs dipped in Chocolate and graham cracker crumbs (made by Veronica)

Party Favors
S'Mores Kits
We filled snack baggies with the makings for S'mores (2 marshmallows, 2 Graham Crackers, and 6 peices of Hershey Milk Chocolate) and tied twine to tags we made and placed in a bowl in the entryway.


  1. Super cute details! My mom threw me a woodland themed baby shower when I was pregnant...it's a great theme!!

  2. Incredibly wonderful detail. And so very creative. I wish I had been there! And the owl cheeseball turned out perfectly. You should be a party planner. You could also be a your guide!

  3. I meant "tour" guide. You could write up itineraries for people, Mandy, and plan activities and crafts to do while staying in hotels or to help time pass in the car. Keep up the great ideas!


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