September 9, 2012

Painted Chest

After 2 months of waiting, I finally received my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! What an ordeal. I ordered the paint from the states, only to find out that they couldn't ship the order 2 weeks later because it was considered hazardous (I guess the wax is flammable). I finally found the one and only dealer in Germany online was in Berlin, and ordered through them. A week later, my package still had not arrived and when I looked up the tracking number, found out that the package was "damaged". Great... I reordered and they were out of the Old White I wanted and the clear wax!  Its all okay now. I have my 4 colors, and both waxes, and managed to get a liter of paint for free out of it all and 2 waxes free and a sample of Old Violet free. Score!

One thing I noticed though which I was a bit upset about was that the wax label of Annie Sloan's was paper, and underneath was the true brand/wax. I called about it and found out that when Annie Sloan runs low on the waxes, this distributer makes them and sends them with her label? They told me it was the same wax though. I am confused... Not sure if I lost something in translation or if this is the same company perhaps Annie Sloan uses to make her waxes? Anyone else know more about this?

So, even though I am working on about 4 things right now, I had to bust out the paints to try them out. This is what I worked with first. An old chest I bought at a thrift store in Garmisch, Germany. I wanted to try out the paints on something not too sentimental for my first go... Here is a before picture.

We decided to use Annie Sloan Duck Egg for the majority of the chest, and Annie Sloan French Linen for the rest. I didn't have Old White or I would have used that. I used the clear wax first and then debated using the dark wax. So glad I did! The white was much too white before, and the dark wax really brought out the wood grain. Love it. We used some amazing images from the Graphics Fairy and transferred them onto some IKEA napkins this weekend as well, and made pillows that I'll blog about soon. Mostly when the kids were asleep. Another picture with different lighting....I think I might still stencil images on the sides and back, so more pictures to come once I finish that project.

Annie Sloan Chalk paint really is as great as everyone raves. The paint is so forgiving! If you make a mistake, rub it off or paint over it! And the sanding was so easy to make it look "old".  I love the Duck Egg color and think the Dark wax makes it even better, for this piece at least. I can't wait to do more! I have Country Grey and Louis Blue to try out next! I'm linking up to these parties below :)

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  1. THis is beautiful love the colors you chose, Wonderful transformation from thrift store to so chic!!


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