October 1, 2014

Date Night

Yeah, I know, I've kind of vanished from the blog. Just goes like that sometimes. I'm thinking October will be a better month with more time to slow down. October. Wow. Where did the summer go?

A few weeks back, more like a good month ago, Frank and I had our second date night of the year. His parents took care of the kids a few hours on a weeknight, and we rushed out the door to do our favorite thing together. Climbing. Yes, we climb together all the time, every weekend, but we always have the kids with us, and its not quite the same. This time, just the two of us, straight after work, just like the good ol days. (Frank captured the photos above on our date night at a crag called Rabenfels).

Back from 2005-2008, BC (before Cooper), we'd head out two to three times a week after work together to get in a few climbs before sunset throughout the summer.  We'd catch up about work, talk about where we'd want to go on on our next vacation and mostly, just enjoy the simplicity of climbing together outside. No worries about finding the perfect kid friendly crag, no worries about making sure we chose a place agreeable to others, no worries about finding a belayer, and no hurrying or distractions. Just he and I, doing our favorite thing together.

Now, don't get me wrong... We love going out climbing with our kids. We love watching them try and laugh while swinging on the ropes we set up. We love spending cold and rainy days at the bouldering gyms with them. They love it too. Family climbing is rewarding and creates a whole different type of joy for us. 

However, I didn't realize just how badly I missed the old times. The two of us out climbing together alone. I didn't realize just how badly we need those moments either. A chance to actually listen to each other without distractions. A chance to be best friends again, out doing what we love and what we've been doing together since I was only 18. A chance to remember again just how lucky I am and how in love I am with my husband.

I hadn't been excited about working a hard climb or climbing outside in a long while. With kids at the crag, I find it hard to find my motivation. I always tend to give up when things get difficult, or feel happier pleasing the kids versus trying to please myself. When I'm alone climbing outside again with Frank, my motivation comes pouring back. This date night was such a blessing for both of us and I can't wait for another chance like this.

How about you all? What type of date night is your dream date? Dinner and a movie? A sport or hobby together? A concert? And how often do you take the time for date nights? We don't often enough...

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  1. Love, love, love your blog!! Brenda


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