August 7, 2012

T-Shirt Crafts

Here are a couple of the things I have been up to the last couple of days. Once I get the kids to bed, I like to sit and watch a movie with my husband and do a craft. I can't seem to sit still and just watch a movie anymore since I have so little free time working full time and having two little ones!

I painted a rooster on a shirt for my mom who loves roosters. Unfortunately, I think I misplaced it a little too low on the shirt. I used a picture of a rooster from "Pancakes"  by Eric Carl, a new favorite book for me. The two blue shirts are Tye Dye Batiqued. Sort of.

I followed the tutorial found here at Ucreate by "Sweet Verbana" who guest posted, and it worked! I let my son Cooper use clear waterproof Elmer's glue on the shirt. He drew a fish and some bubble marks above it. I tried to help fill in the gaps he made just a little. We let it dry overnight, and today I poured RIT blue dye in a bucket with some hot water and we dipped his shirt in. Since we had so much blue, we grabbed another shirt and a onesie and rubber banded them up to tye dye as well. Cooper asked "Can we do this every night?". Needless to say, the craft was a hit. His hands are now blue and our water table is now full of blue water as well because when I turned around for just a minute, he was grabbing his bucket and making potions with the dye! I like how they turned out. Now to wash them and let him wear his cool new shirts! And tonight, I must just have to make one for myself. A quote, a picture, hmmm, the possibilities are endless!

I am linking up to the Saturday Seven at Positively Splendid. I love her Blog!

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